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If you like short stories, you’ll love these Amazing Short Stories.

Welcome to The Next Best Thing to Reading.

 I designed Clickit-N-Getit.com for your reading enjoyment. Only here will you here get a reading experience that is like no other.

 What makes these stories different you ask? Well for starters, here, you get to choose how the story goes. What I mean by that is, let’s say you are reading one of our stories, “Girls Nite Out.” and in this story, you and some of your co-workers are sitting in the break room at work talking about what you all want to do after work tonight.

 Some of you want to go to the bowling alley and a couple of you want to go the nite club.
This is where the experience begins. If you want to go to the nite club, click on the link…
“Going to The Nite-Club.” and you’re there. If you want to go to the bowling alley, just click the link…
“Going to The Bowling Alley.”
 You’ll have the opportunity to choose what you want to do on every page. That’s what makes these stories like no other.
It’s that easy. And the best part is… “It’s a Lot of Fun.”
See for yourself and, be prepared to take a trip 1,000’s of miles away without never leaving the house.

James T. Smith, Jr.

Founder, Writer & Entrepreneur.

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