Girls Night Out

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Girls Night Out

 “Girls Night Out.”

Girls Nite Out

(Photo from left to right: Crystal, Stephanie, Desiree, Victoria and, Michelle.)

Not only are these ladies co-workers. They are Best friends. What turns out to be just a girl’s night out gets a little out of hand, and might become one of these ladies worst nightmares.

Before we get started, “Let’s Meet the Ladies.”

Crystal Wright: 29 years old. Never married, No kids, and single. Has been working for State Farm Ins. Corp. Office for 8 years.

Stephaine Fairbanks: 35 years old. Divorced with 2 kids. Daughter age 17, son age 8. Has been working for State Farm Ins. Corp. Office for 15 years.

Desiree Smith: 25 years old. Never married, No kids, and single. Has been working for State Farm Ins. Corp. Office for 5 years.

Victoria Richards: 21 years old. Never married but, has a boyfriend of 3 years. No kids. Has been working for State Farm Ins. Corp. Office for 5 years.

Michelle Hall: 27 years old. Divorced with one son 8 years old. A boyfriend of 1 1/2 years and, has been working for State Farm Ins. Corp. Office for 7 years.

Girls Nite Out

“Girls Night Out.”

Friday Afternoon 12:45 pm.
  Just about the end of lunch hour, five young ladies are left in the break room/cafeteria. As they are starting to wrap things up and get back to work. Crystal speaks up and ask… “Let’s go out and do something tonight.”

Victoria asks, “What Ya got in mind?” Crystal reply, “Well, I was thinking, we haven’t been bowling in a while and, the Bowling Ally has a deal going on this Friday and Saturday night. You can bowl unlimited games from 7:00 pm til Midnight for only $15.00 pre person. Plus they have good food, a game room, and a bar.

Stephanie jumps in the conversation and adds, “How about that new nite club “Speak Easy” that just opened up last month downtown?” “They have ladies nite starting at 7:00 pm and ladies drink for free till 8:00 pm.

Victoria ask, “So, Desiree, what are you up for?” Desiree replies, “It’s been a long time since I have been bowling. “Sounds like fun.” “I’m not really good at it, as we all know but, to me, It’s all about having fun.”

Crystal adds, “What about you Michelle?” Michelle says, “Well I haven’t been bowling in a while and I would love to go dancing but, I don’t know if I can get away.” “It’s hard to find a babysitter on short notice on the weekends.”

Stephanie jumps in and says, “My daughter can babysit for you, Michelle.” “She’s 17 now and drives.” “She is really good with my 8-year-old son which is her stepbrother and, they get along great.”

Not to mention, your son and mine are the same age and they get along great.” “The best thing is… she’ll babysit for free.” “My treat.” “It’s still early. I’ll call my daughter, Bethany and see if she is free tonight.” “Besides, you need to get out and have some fun.” Michelle’s eyes light up as she has a huge smile on her face

Michelle- With a huge smile on her face as her eyes light up. “I have an idea!” “How about we give Bethany a break tonight and you, me and, the boys go blowing tonight?” “It’ll be fun!”

Stephaine starts laughing. “Great idea!” “I’ll call Bethany and let her know.”

Michelle high fives Stephaine as she says…. “Great! It’s a date!”

Stephaine speaks up and says, “What about you other ladies?” “You going bowling or, strolling?

Victoria says, “My boyfriend is out of town on business for a few days, and I would like to see if my two left feet still work.”

Crystal jumps in and asks, “So, Stephanie what about this new nite club called, Speak Easy?” “How are the reviews?”

Stephanie adds, “I have never been there but, I have heard a lot of good things about it.” “I’ll text you the address soon.” “Anyone else want the address?”

Victoria and Desiree look at each other as they smile. Desiree speaks up and says, “We’ll get it off of Crystal.”

Michelle adds to the conversation, “Well ladies, it’s about that time.” “Back to the ball and the chain we go.”

Crystal, Victoria, Stephaine, and Desiree all “Boo” as they all get up from the table.

Crystal, Victoria, and Desiree all high-five each other as they all say at the same time, “Girls night out!”

Stephaine and Michelle just shake their heads as they all part ways to head back to their office.

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Crystal, Stephanie, Desiree, Victoria and, Michelle
Girls Nite Out

Girls Night Out.