Goning Home

 "Welcome home." =)

 As you pull into the driveway, you stop short in front of the garage door. You press the garage door opener button clipped to the sun visor. The garage light comes on as the garage door starts to open.

 After pulling into the garage and putting your car in park, you push the garage door button on the sun visor to close the garage door.

 As the garage door starts to come down, you turn off the headlights, and then shut off the engine.

After the garage door closes, you open the car door, you set your leg out.

 You pull the keys from the ignition. You grab your cell phone and exit the vehicle. After closing the car door, you start to head for the service door heading into the house.

 Once inside the house, you head into the kitchen. You shake your car keys as you would a baby's rattle as you head to the kitchen table. When you put down your car keys, you feel a cat rub up against your leg. As you look down, you say, "Well hello there Killer." as you pick up your cat and ask, "So little kitty, how was your day?"

 The cat just looks into your eyes so softly and then meows. You look down to the cat's food and water dish and see that there is water but very little food. You reply, "Awe, don't worry, I too can relate." "Let's see what we have to eat."  As you open the refrigerator, you look inside and smile. You look down at your cat as you are smiling and say, "Looks like we are having turkey tonight Killer." As you put your cat down you head over to the sink to wash your hands.

After you wash your hands. Killer is walking around the breakfast bar looking at you. You smile as you look down and say; "Hold on Killer, I'm working on it." You turn and open the refrigerator, and pull out a plate of sliced turkey and some sliced tomato. Not to mention Mayo.

 As you are making your sandwich at the breakfast bar, you throw a couple pieces of turkey into the cat's dish

. As you sit at the Table, "You look down and smile, "Like that Killer?" After you finish you eating, you place the rest of your of your dinner in the cat's dish. "Enjoy the rest Killer."

"I'm going to step off and take a shower Killer, then I'm heading to bed."

"The End."

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